Deep Cleaning

Sweep, Mob and Vacuum Floors

We vacuum that ensure your floors are getting maximum suction but your air is getting minimum dust (and our vacuums are recognized by the American Lung Association); color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth and mop system that prevents cross contamination; hospital-grade cleaning products that are nontoxic and eco-friendly.


Scrub and Disinfect Bathrooms

Dust Tabletops and Countertops


Clean Windows, Doors and Blinds

Dirty windows are not only an eyesore but they reduce the amount of light that can come into a room from the outside. Clean windows are very apparent to anyone entering a room or facility and this is especially true when the window area is large like grand lobbies or display areas. Don’t allow dirty windows to create poor public image for your business – Decent Clean LLC is here to help you make your image sparkle.

Empty All Trash

At the end of day, trash needs to take away from your area and dispose to where it should be. We will handle all these tasks for your business and home. Our team carefully remove the trash in bags and put them in the dump trash.

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